The Autonomous Oral History Group (AOHG) is a cooperative examining ethics operating in leadership roles. All interviews, recordings, transcriptions and ephemera collected during the process are assembled and made accessible as an oral history collection. 

The goal of AOHG is to generate debate about varying ethical systems. Through a collaborative process of narration, the group hopes to provide a platform for values that have historically been undermined or underexposed. This means resisting linear story telling methods, hierarchies in language, ethnic, race, religious identities, as well as sexual and gender orientation, economic status, physical locations, and ideas around neutrality in the archive. 

AOHG seeks to employ self-reflexivity into its group dynamic. It attempts this by creating access to the group’s infrastructure: internal documents, logs that record the negotiation of consent forms, ethics board meetings minutes, public and online presentations, and various other, overlooked decision making processes. 

The challenge of creating and maintaining the terms of autonomy with regards to one’s own knowledge, is a struggle worth sharing through storytelling.