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Senay Kenfe

Call Number: AOHG._.KE
Location: Stacks
Date Produced / Published: Aug. 22, 2019
City Produced / Published: Los Angeles

Bio./Hist. Note

Senay Kenfe is an Activist, rapper and photographer located in Long Beach California. His mother’s family was involved in the Black Panther Long Beach Chapter and his father’s family are Eritrean and involved in the Eritrean War of Independence as Freedom Fighters. He his relationship to his neighborhood and seeing the rent increases, his time spent in Egypt, and his relationship towards spirituality and religion.
-Hailey Loman, March 5, 2019

Created / Published

Hailey Loman

Access Condtions

Public Transcription and Audio

Archivist Summary

I interviewed Senay Kenfe at the UCLA Graduate Arts Studios. There is a short interruption in the interview when a guest lecturer, Taeyoon Choi, who had left his luggage in the room entered to gather his belongings.
- Hailey Loman, May 23, 2019

Archivist Ethics

I was concerned about the formality of the space and regretting how institutional the interview setting was. I worried that this would alter the content or intimacy of the conversation. It was not a particularly private room and I was relieved that this did not appear to bother Kenfe. He seemed more comfortable towards the end of our conversation. I felt rather foolish with several of my questions, but I appreciated that he answered all of them openly.   
- Hailey Loman, May 23, 2019