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Kelman Duran

Call Number: AOHG._.DU
Location: Stacks
Date Produced / Published: Aug. 22, 2019
City Produced / Published: Los Angeles

Created / Published

Hailey Loman

Access Condtions

Public Transcription

Archivist Summary

During the first recorded conversation the equipment failed to record. Duran was generous enough to have another conversation which was vastly different then the first one. The first conversation was very organized, and he answered with a lot of clarity. During the second recording, we took breaks and Duran appeared distracted.
-May 23, 2019

Archivist Ethics

This was a particularly unfocused conversation between Kelman Duran and I. Our breaks were long and disorienting. I pushed an interview style process further then I normally would in order to combat our casualness. Re-reading our conversation I feel torn about my role and if that was the right approach. I was familiar with a lot of topics Duran and I spoke about, as we are close friends, and wanted him to elaborate further. His thoughts seemed particularly cloudy during the conversation and often, I would change subjects.
- Hailey Loman, May 23, 2019